The story of Ramon's begins in the trunk of a 1949 Plymouth.


The year is 1967 and Raymundo Otero, a Mexican immigrant with a family to feed, takes a chance on $5 worth of taco meat. It's the last $5 he has to his name, after a work accident leaves him nearly paralyzed and fully penniless.

Raymundo and his wife Estela go to work, preparing a tray of traditional Mexican food they hope to sell out of the family car to bar patrons in town. In a single day, Raymundo's $5 wager yields over $18. With a spring in his step and a newfound confidence, Raymundo knows he's onto something. The novelty of his centuries-old recipes could very well put him on the fast track to living the American Dream.

Raymundo discovers opportunity in a modest chicken joint in town. He convinces the owner to let him sell his Mexican delicacies to visitors, trading a portion of the profits for a place to sell. Sure enough, the chicken joint starts filling up with locals pining for Raymundo's creations. And eventually, he earns enough to purchase the small establishment from his friend, whom he never forgot.  Finally, Raymundo has a place he can call his own. A humble wedge of land where a gas station once stood, and a sprawling two tables for seating. 

Raymundo names his establishment 'Ramon's El Dorado'. A palatable option for his American customers. And a nod to the promised land he so sought in coming to America. Day in and day out, Raymundo runs his restaurant with a smile and limitless warmth, treating every patron like the family he fought to feed way back when.

For fifty years, Raymundo dedicated himself, as his children do now, to feeding his community, with authentic cuisine and hospitality that only Mexico can offer.